Timmy “the brit” McCarthy

24.05.1945 - 12.09.2018

Dance in Peace!

Timmy genuinely loved coming to Landshut, Bavaria every year. Indeed, he called it the highlight of his year. We all still miss him terribly and find it hard to believe he is no longer among us but we will never forget him or his spirit!

His constant mantra in life was “I hate negativity!” He was the most positive person I’ve ever known. He would often say to us “Lads, we are breaking stones here.” He meant we are paving the pathway for the next generation to travel along with us on a wonderful musical journey. At some point there is a handing over. These pictures above and below speak a thousand words! We will keep Timmy’s spirit going and continue to break many more stones!


The post below was for the last workshop Timmy gave in Landshut.


mit Timmy McCarthy / Irland

Wir freuen uns, Euch wieder zu einem Irischen Seminar einladen zu dürfen!

Timmy unterrichtet fröhliche und flotte Sets aus seiner Heimatregion Cork / Kerry – mit Live-Musik für alle Irland-Fans.

Sonntag 15. Oktober 2017 14:00-18:00 Uhr

Live Musik mit Na Ciotogi!

Evangelisches Gemeindehaus Gutenbergweg 16, 84034 Landshut

Bitte anmelden bei:

Verena Fritz, Obere Wöhrstr.5, 84034 Landshut,
Tel. 0871 / 6 11 82, E-Mail: fritz.hubert(at)t-online.de